L'année sans été (1816)

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L'année sans été (1816) Empty L'année sans été (1816)

Message par Edelweiss le Ven 17 Juil 2015 - 0:10

- http://www.cairn.info/revue-politique-etrangere-2006-4-page-983.htm
"Cette étrange année est-elle liée à l’explosion du volcan de Tambora d’Indonésie, en avril 1815, qui, en empoussiérant l’atmosphère terrestre, fait sans doute baisser, même de peu, la température de la planète ? C’est fort probable. Il y aurait effectivement eu dissémination de poussières et de cendres autour du globe. Année de mauvaises récoltes en Europe et en Amérique du Nord, 1816 est de ce point de vue une catastrophe spectaculaire : une catastrophe au sens réel de ce terme trop galvaudé."

- http://histoire-du-quebec.ca/catastrophe-climatique-1816/

- http://www.erh.noaa.gov/car/Newsletter/htm_format_articles/climate_corner/yearwithoutsummer_lf.htm (USA National Weather Service)
"So what caused this unusual weather during the summer of 1816? Some believe it was caused by sinners while some even blamed it on Benjamin Franklin’s lightning rod experiments. However, climate data obtained from trees, ice cores, marine sediment and historical documents indicate 1816 was part of a mini ice age that lasted from 1400 to around 1860. During this time lower solar output produced harsh winters, shorter growing seasons and drier climates which were blamed for a host of human suffering and crop failures such as the Irish Potato Famine.  Another possible cause was the eruption of the Tambora volcano on the island of Soembawa in Indonesia on April 15th 1815. The eruption lasted one week and rumbled for 3 months. The mountain elevation dropped from 14,000 feet to 9000 feet, killed close to 10,000 people on the island and another 80,000 people would eventually die from starvation and diseases related to the eruption. Tambora was one of the largest recorded eruptions with estimates of 1.7 million tons of dust put into the air equaling 6 million atomic bombs. The theory is that the dust reached the Northern Hemisphere during 1816 reducing solar output.
Whatever the cause, the next year saw the first general migration from the Northeast to the Midwest and 1816 also became know as the Poverty Year. The following poem from Eileen Marguet summed up the year:
It didn't matter whether your farm was large or small.
It didn't matter if you had a farm at all.
Cause everyone was affected when water didn't run.
The snow and frost continued without the warming sun.
One day in June it got real hot and leaves began to show.
But after that it snowed again and wind and cold did blow.
The cows and horses had no grass, no grain to feed the chicks.
No hay to put aside that time, just dry and shriveled sticks.
The sheep were cold and hungry and many starved to death,
Still waiting for the warming sun to save their labored breath.
The kids were disappointed, no swimming, such a shame.
It was in 1816 that summer never came."

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L'année sans été (1816) Empty Re: L'année sans été (1816)

Message par Edelweiss le Lun 20 Juil 2015 - 11:25

http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/1816-the-year-without-summer-excerpt/ study

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